About Mechelle.

I could have picked a better picture. Maybe I should have. But, then clients would think they were in the wrong place when I opened the door. No makeup, ugliest messy bun type thing you've ever seen, and easy to wash clothing. That's exactly how this Newborn Photographer rolls. I need to be comfortable to make sure I'm making these little ones comfortable.

Comfortable kiddos are happy kiddos and that's my priority above anything else. We will dance and sing. We will giggle and play peek a boo. We will tell stories. We will enjoy every minute of this special time in the spotlight.

I am the mother of two and a brand new gramma (Me-Me) of two shining little guys who fill my heart. My family is my one true love, but photography is close behind.

When I'm not working in the studio, editing, or enjoy the people I love, I am working for www.hellolittleprops.com which is the premier supplier of Newborn and Sitter Photography Props. I help educate other photographers worldwide and I get to see all of the new products first (which means my prop collection grows constantly).

Fort Wayne IN area photographer feeding newborn in photography studio